Range Finder Golf, Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration Golf Rangefinder, Fast Focus and Continuous Scan

Range Finder Golf Flag Lock and Pulse Vibration Golf Rangefinder

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ACEGMET 650 yards Golf Rangefinder with Flag Lock and Li-ion Battery

To play the best golf, you need the right information. The Q9 golf laser rangefinder with slope measurement can improve your accuracy and help you play better. This is a range finders for golf with a perfect combination of size, accuracy, vibration and tilt.

Range and scan mode
Shortly press the button after aiming, the distance will be displayed on the eyepiece; when the button is pressed to activate the continuous measurement scan mode, the data on the eyepiece will change as you move.

Lock with vibration
Please aim at the flag, then press and hold the button, then slowly move the range finder from left to right. When the flag is locked, the machine will vibrate automatically.

Optical structure
Laser golf range finder with 6x magnification, 6 degree field of view, 3-650 yards distance range, 180+ yards distance from Flag; whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, you can use our rapid measurement technology See the object being measured and find its distance.


Magnification: 6X
Field of view: 6°
Objective lens: 22mm
Eyepiece lens: 16mm
Exit pupil diameter: 3.7mm
Laser Type: 905nm
Lens Coatings: Fully Multi-Coated (FMC)
Battery: lithium battery
Measuring Time: 0.5-1 sec
Distance Measuring Accuracy: ±0.5Y
Angle Measure Range: ±20°
Pinseeker Range:3Y-350Y
Measurement Distance Range:3-650Y
Dimensions: 4.25*2.83*1.57 in
Net Weight: 6oz
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
FlagPole-lock: Yes
Scan Mode: Yes.
[You Can Go The Distance] With a total measuring distance of 650 yards and an accuracy of +/-0.5 yards, there is no hole too long for you. With the slope feature of golf range finder, you no longer have to play the guessing game of adding or taking off yardage from a measurement. this golf rangefinders give you accurate yardage regardless of the elevation changes in the course. The golf distance rangefinder will account for the slope and give you precise yardage to help you pick the right club
[Ease of Use] With our one button design, it’s as easy as grab and shoot. Compact and easy to carry, find out your yardage in seconds with our range finder golf. No need to fuss with replacement batteries, our rechargeable batteries make it quick and easy to charge up between rounds. Charge up rangefinders for golfing​on your way to the course in your car if you have to!
[Build confident & Happy Golfing] With an easy-to-use device, you’ll have no problem quickly finding your distances before each shot and locking onto targets. We want to be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. The golf laser rangefinder helps you feel confident with the yardage number you were given. If you are new to the world of golf distance finder and want something simple, small, and easy to use, this is a perfect choice
[Clear & Fresh Vision] Our golf range finder with slope also completes with +/-5D diopter adjustment function, and you can set the golf range finders in tune with your eyesight. The 6x optical magnification of the golf distance finder helps you see your shot with clarity. What if I am not satisfied with the use rangefinder golf ? We provide a worry-free 24 months warranty and efficient customer service

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