Orlimar Golf Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper

Orlimar Golf Escape Mid Mallet Chipper

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The Orlimar Golf Escape Mid-Mallet Chipper will make you a green side master. The perfect blend of a putter and a wedge, the Escape Chipper will become your go-to club around the green.Features a mid-mallet style wide, flat sole for seamless turf interaction.Face angle of 37* provides plenty of versatility and allows for delicate control.Vivid alignment aid on the top of club helps you line up shots with ease.Steel Orlimar shaft for maximum control.
Glass bead face and top line – Frames the ball for better alignment
Putter length with 7-iron loft – The Escape golf chipper is 35” long and has 37 degrees of loft
Gooseneck hosel – Shank-proof design
Stainless steel construction – Solid feel and durable surfaces

Check Price on Amazon!

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